The center for women's leadership studies

The Center for Women's Leadership Studies is a partnership between Grace Theological Seminary and Women of Grace USA. The purpose of the Center is to provide training for women in an environment that is both academically  challenging and colaboratively interactive. These weekend classes provide women with the opportunity to learn with others in a safe and nurturing   atmosphere. The classes are taught by a team of trained facilitators under the direction of Dr. Christy Hill, professor of Spiritual Formation and Women's Ministries at Grace Seminary.

the details

The Certificate - Earn a certificate in Women's Leadership Studies by completing six Continuing Education Units (CEU). Each ten-hour class constitutes one CEU. A bachelor's degree is not required to complete the certificate.

The Schedule - Friday evening 6-9; Saturday 9-5 (lunch provided)

The Director - Dr. Christy Hill - I studied Christian Education at Wheaton College (B.A.) and Talbot School of Theology (M.A.). My Ph.D. is in Educational Studies from Talbot with an emphasis in character development and spiritual formation. I have served in a number of ministry settings, both in the States and overseas. Before coming to Grace, I was on staff in women’s ministry at the First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton while teaching at Talbot and Biola. My husband Jim and I  like to travel, read books and eat Indian food. 

the classes

Below is the list of classes currently being offered through the Center for Women's Leadership Studies. Additional classes will be added as they are developed. For upcoming classes and locations, click here.

  • Women & Scripture

    Embrace God’s unique design for females and learn how God uses women to impact others. This class addresses the fuzzy thinking about women in leadership in the church and develops biblical perspectives on the current culture’s messages about women. View Syllabus

  • Spiritual Formation

    Explore personal development in relationship with God through self awareness and understanding of one’s operant belief system. Develop a philosophy of spiritual growth. View Syllabus

  • Principles of Effective Bible Study

    Develop Bible study and interpretation skills for personal study and for use in preparing to teach others. View Syllabus

  • Soul Care

    Examine issues related to personal soul care as well as providing soul care to those who are hurting and spiritual direction to those who are in need of focused attention. View Syllabus

  • Biblical Foundations of Leadership

    Develop a philosophy of ministry following the study of the leadership style of Jesus. Be exposed to organization and administration principles of effective leadership. View Syllabus

  • Equipping Others for Ministry

    Learn how to empower and nurture ministry skills in others. View Syllabus

  • Essentials of Prayer

    Explore the significance of prayer and the reasons God calls His people to pray. Examine the most essential passages on prayer in the Bible. We will discuss  the challenges  of prayer and experience various types of prayer. This class will help you uncover practical ways to make prayer a part of your own walk with God.   

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