the trellis

Women of Grace USA invites you to be a part of our trellis.

We're building a team of women, woven together through prayer and a commitment to regular giving (minimum of $15/month), to support the ministry God has entrusted to us.

Many climbing rose varieties require a trellis to reach their potential. Like plants, we too require the water, sunlight, fertilizer and nurturing that your support provides.

Your gifts contribute to the $3,500 needed each month for us to provide resources, leadership training and ministry opportunities locally, nationally and around the world. Here’s where your gifts are used:

  • Staff: Communications Coordinator, Director of Girls’ Ministry, Director of Operations
  • Publications: Grace Touch e-newsletter, Brochures, Event Post Cards
  • Online Services: Website Hosting, Online Registration Services, etc. 
  • Office Operations: Postage, Paper, Ink, Copying
  • Board Meeting Expenses
  • Promotion and Travel

All of these provide the support needed for WGUSA to offer ministries such as the Women’s Leadership Studies, Prayer and Leadership Summits, FaceTeams, Ministry Teams, Women’s Spectrum Magazine, and SMM.