To donate to a project, click on the picture or send a check to WGUSA - PO Box 711 - Winona Lake, IN 46590

  • Jennifer - Poland Translation Project (September - November)

    We need funds for translation projects, as there is a major lack of good biblical books and teaching tools here.

  • Ana Carraway - Church at the Well (December - February)

    Church at the Well exists to help people become followers of Jesus. We want to be a church which offers a clear understanding of who Jesus is. We want people to feel welcomed, accepted, and deeply loved while dealing with the reality of sin in the light of God’s grace. 

  • Melisa Guiles - Japan (March - May)

    Jona and I are excited to be leading the young adult ministry at our church. We would like to raise money to develop a fund with which we can bless the students. This would provide for one-on-one discipleship opportunities as well as bigger group activities and get-togethers.

  • Katiera Pfeister - Eagle Commission (June - August)

    The Eagle Commission provides the means to recruit, mentor and care for Charis Fellowship chaplains and their families as they serve in remote locations and overseas. Your gift will provide support to chaplain families for travel to conferences and other financial needs.