let's talk about....

   Are you looking for a community and a safe space to learn and dialogue about things that you are going through? Women of Grace USA wants to offer a space for women to discuss and learn while pointing them towards biblical truth. We don’t have all the answers but we know God does and he gave us his Word and each other so we don’t have to walk alone. 

   Each “Let’s talk about” discussion will have a relevant topic to discuss and a time for questions and conversation. Join us to listen, learn, and encourage each other to follow Jesus and love those around us.

   Join us each month on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm Eastern (5:00 pm Pacific).   Click on the date box to register.

  • Soul Care

    So how are you doing? We just want to check in and make sure we are all ok. We will have a panel of Charis women share the challenges of making time with God and the necessity of practicng a Sabbath.

  • When your spiritual gifts don't seem to fit.

    What do you do when your spiritual gifts don't seem to fit in the Church? Emily Tellez will share her story in figuring our her spiritual gifts and why she wanted to pursue credentialing as a Commissioned Leader in Ministry.